One-Click Webuzo VM Instances

Starting At$6.00/Month

1 CPU Core, 2GB Memory, and 30GB SSD with Webuzo control panel pre-installed. Webuzo is an easy to use single-user control panel. It allows you to easily spin up new websites with apps such as WordPress. Webuzo is included for free. Webuzo Unlimited has no restrictions create unlimited web sites, apps, emails and more.

Deploy 100's of apps on your cloud VPS

Easy to use control panel

Only deploy the software you need

Cloud VPS made easy

No additional control panel expenses

Features of Webuzo


Easy to Use

Webuzo is very easy to use. You can quickly deploy hundreds of different scripts and content management systems in a few clicks! You also do not need any technical knowledge to work on Webuzo. It simply allows you to work on your applications rather than managing and maintaining them.

Feature Rich

Along with hundreds of one-click applications, you also get a complete stack to manage those applications. It comes with all the popular software like Apache, PHP, Tomcat, Perl and much more out of the box. It provides support for all the applications that it allows us to install and manage on our domains.


Free with Digitel Systems VPS!

When you purchase an Digitel Systems VPS with Webuzo, you will get an awesome Webuzo panel for Free! Yes, we provide you the paid version of Webuzo for Free with our Digitel Systems Webuzo Instances. It will allow you to install more than 300 different applications on your domains.


Webuzo is a control panel that you can install on Linux, Windows, and Mac using virtualization software like VMware, Parallels, VirtualBox and much more. You can deploy it wherever you want. You can also set it up in your local office Environment.



With lots of features, Webuzo also provides awesome security. You can manage FTP users directly from the Webuzo Admin Panel and toggle SSH access for each user. The whole Webuzo Administration panel is password protected that you can further protect using various methods.

Seamless Domain Management

Webuzo is not just a Software installation panel. It also allows you to manage applications on multiple domains you own. You can also manage DNS and MX records for your domain name directly from the Webuzo panel. That is all you need to securely manage different types of applications on your server and domain names.


Top 12 Scripts

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  • Top ScriptsAbanteCart
  • Top ScriptsPrestaShop
  • Top ScriptsJoomla
  • Top ScriptsphpBB
  • Top ScriptsSMF
  • Top ScriptsMagento
  • Top ScriptsWHMCS
  • Top ScriptsMyBB
  • Top ScriptsDolphin
  • Top ScriptsCubeCart
  • Top ScriptsPHP-Fusion