Our expert developers build an MVP clickable prototype design to help startup businesses transform their visions and shape their ideas from a single feature prototype to a high-performance, interactive, and scalable product.

Digitel’s Steps for MVP Application Success

Digitel Systems transforms your minimum viable product (MVP) application from a single feature product to a high-performance product that offers enhanced market feasibility, scalability, and usability.

Requirements Analysis

MVP Scope Definition

UX/UI Prototyping

Product Launch

MVP Application

UX/UI Design

UX/UI designer converts initial UX/UI mockups into beautifully polished and responsive designs with easy-to-use interfaces, animations, icons, buttons, widgets, and other necessary components for a stunning user experience.


MVP Implementation

Starting from the most important features, our development team starts programming and implementing all necessary features, thoroughly testing each feature along the way to ensure that every feature is working properly.

Product Launch

DevOps engineer addresses project security, monitoring, performance, and backup requirements to set up the production cloud infrastructure, deploying the finished product to be published to the App Store and/or Google Play.


Post Production Support

Once we’ve gone live with your finished product, our development team monitors production servers using automated scripts, installs security updates, and providing expert-level IT maintenance and support.

Architecture Design & Estimation

Our experts create a cost estimation, defining the appropriate tech stack, architectural design, and other third-party integration components that are required to build an MVP solution that properly addresses client needs.

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