Captive Outsourced Development Center


With over 22 years in business, we are a one-stop shop for software development and IT support. Our programmers can work with complex operating systems and build high-performance interoperable applications.

Save on software development costs

Reduce time to market

You own the source code

Seamless migration/conversion

Outsourced product support

One-Stop Shop


Specialized Technical Teams

Digitel System’s software development experience spans numerous industries, including banking, food & beverage, gaming, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, and telecommunication. Our dedicated technical teams are industry-specific, having decades of related experience. Our experts keep up with trends, regulations, and processes.

Expedited Time to Market

Digitel System’s strategy-oriented programmers will help you substantially reduce time to market by committing to your software development projects until all project demands are met. This competitive boost gives you greater differentiation in your market.


Increased ROI

Working with a captive center like Chetu reduces risk and liability for investing in offshore resources while allowing you to have a high-quality software product. You have increased ROI potential with a smaller initial investment and the opportunity to allocate funds and resources to other areas of your company.

Quality Assurance

Our seasoned engineers and experts conduct world-class quality assurance testing throughout the software development process with innovative technologies like AI, RPA, and IoT. We assess performance, security, and compatibility through manual and automated testing.

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