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Everyone knows the importance of backing up your data. Often overlooked until a file is accidentally deleted or overwritten or a machine is compromised. Ransomware has caused millions of dollars in damages over the last few years by encrypting entire opperating systems. Backups need to be simple to configure and relatively cheap. Interserver has partnered with Acronis to bring you the best backup solution on the market today. Acronis is a leading developer of cloud backup software. Backups are safely stored on the InterServer cloud inside our TEB2 Secaucus, NJ datacenter. Backups are incremental so only the data that has changed gets copied over. You can take a full system image of your machine and restore it with an ISO file. Backup any of your services located in our datacenter such as VPS or Dedicated Servers or anywhere else in the world. Even your workstation at home should be protected. You can also easily restore individual files. Our pricing model is straightforward and easy to understand without any hidden fees. Best of all we do not charge you for any transfer fees, incoming and outgoing transfers are included for FREE!

Simple Pricing

30 Day Trial Period for $.01!

$.01 to create your backup account.

Device Fees (monthly)

  • Physical Server: $16.00
  • Virtual Machine: $4.50
  • Physical Workstation: $2.25
  • Office 365: $1.10

Cloud Storage Fees (monthly)

  • 0 to 100GB - $.05 per gb
  • 101 to 1000Gb - $.04
  • 1001 GB - 5000Gb - $.03
  • 5001 GB+ - $.02

Key Features


Disk-Image Backup

Complete bare metal backup of your machine. Easily restore by booting into a IOS file or access individual files from the control panel.

Encrypted Backups

Encrypted backups can only be accessed with a password you set. Keep your data safe secure and compliant.

Cloud Storage

Backups are stored in the InterServer cloud swift file system. You pay for only how much you store without any transfer fees.

Backup Agents

Backup agents available for every device. Small agent software runs in the background to backup your data.

Central Management

All control and management is done online. See the status of every device from a central location. Configure alerts in the event of a problem.

Incremental Backups

After the initial backup is complete. Only modified files are transfered. Reducing resources consumed during the backup processes.

Easily Add Devices Backup Device

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See the backup status of all your devices from
one central location

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Browse backup Files

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Recover entire machine with installable ISO file

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Browse backups by date


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